Primary 6 Mathematics

Types of Sets
Applying formula to find number of subsets
Determining the number of elements given the subsets
Describing parts of venn diagrams
Representing information on a venn diagram
Forming and Solving equations from the Venn Diagrams
Probability - working out simple events and probability of events using Venn diagrams
Place values up to \(9,999,999\)
Writing number in Expanded Form
Finding the Expanded Number
Reading and writing numbers in words
Reading and writing numbers in figures
Reading and Writing Roman Numerals up to \(M\)
Coverting Hindu Arabic numerals up to \(9,999,999\) to Roman Numerals
Coverting Roman Numerals to Hindu Arabic numerals up to \(9,999,999\)
Changing numerals from other bases to base ten and vice versa.
Finding the unknown base.
Addition of Whole Numbers up to \(7\) digits without Regrouping
Addition of Whole Numbers with Regrouping
Subtraction of Whole Numbers without Regrouping
Subtraction of Whole Numbers with Regrouping
Multiplication of Whole Numbers by \(2\) or \(3\) digit numbers
Division of Whole Numbers by \(2\) digit numbers
Using mixed operations to work out numbers
Review Divisibility tests of \(2\), \(3\), \(4\), \(5\) and \(10\)
Test of Divisibility of \(6\), \(8\) and \(9\)
Prime and composite numbers
Consecutive numbers / natural numbers / integers
Factors of Numbers
Prime factorization of Numbers
Multiples of numbers
Finding LCM and GCF by prime factorization using a Venn diagram
Application of GCF / LCM
Squares and Square roots of numbers
Square roots of fractions
Cubes and cube roots
Developing number patterns
Completing Number patterns and sequences
Puzzles/ magic square
Multiplication of Fractions by Fractions
Division of fractions by fractions
Mixed Operations on Fractions
Rounding off of Fractions
Rounding off of Decimals
Operation on Decimals(adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing)
Problems involving fractions from every day life situations
Comparing quantities using Ratios and Proportion
Expressing fractions as ratios and vice versa
Increasing quantities using ratios
Decreasing quantities using ratios
Expressing fractions as percentages
Expressing percentages as fractions
Expressing decimals as percentages
Expressing quantities as percentages
Increasing and decreasing quantities by percentages
Finding the percentage increase or decrease
Finding percentage profit and loss
Finding the relationship between loss, profit and percentage.
Calculating Simple Interest
Finding range, mode and median
Finding the frequency, range and average
Interpreting data on pie charts.
Interpreting pie charts involving unknowns.
Interpreting pie charts involving percentage.
Interpreting line graphs
Finding probability
Shopping bills
Finding number of bank notes, receipts & amount of money in a bundle
Calculating electricity / water bills and amount money
Exchange Currencies
Conversion of Currency
Changing 12-hour time to 24-hour time
Changing 24-hour time to 12-hour time
Calculating duration
Calculating distance when speed time are given
Calculating time when distance and speed are given
Working out problem solving involving time.
Calculating speed when distance and time are given
Calculating the average speed involving return journeys.
Changing speed from km/hr. to m/s
Changing speed from m/s to km/hr.
Interpreting distance and time on travel graph.
Plotting distance covered and time taken on graph.
finding area of squares and rectangles.
Finding the area when perimeter of a rectangle is given.
Finding the area when perimeter of a square is given.
Finding the perimeter when area of a rectangle is given.
Finding the perimeter when area of a square is given.
Finding area of triangles.
Finding area of a parallelogram.
Finding area of a trapezium.
Finding area of a rhombus and a kite.
Finding circumference of circles
Finding perimeter of sectors of circles.
Finding area of circles.
Volume; finding volume of cubes and cuboids.
Finding volume of triangular prisms.
Finding volume of cylinders.
Capacity; finding capacity of cubes and cuboids.
Finding capacity of cylinders
Types of angles.
Naming supplementary angles.
Naming complementary angles.
Recognizing angles formed on parallel lines.
Identifying vertically opposite angles.
Finding co-interior and co-exterior angles in parallel lines.
Finding corresponding angles on parallel lines.
Finding alternating angle on parallel lines.
An isosceles triangle and Pythagoras theorem.
Properties of quadrilaterals
Properties of prisms and pyramids.
Line segments and angles
Stating properties of regular polygons
Addition of Integers without using number line
Addition of Integers using number line
Subtraction of integers without using a number line.
Subtraction of integers using a number line.
Multiplication of integers on a number line
Finding additive inverse.
Algebraic Expressions; simplifying expressions involving unknown
Simplifying like terms.
Collecting like terms together.
Multiplying powers of the same base.
Dividing powers of the same base.
Substitution; substituting values for expressions.
Equations; solving simple equations.
Solving equations involving removing brackets.
Solving equations involving fractions.
Forming and solving equations.
Removing brackets and solving equations.
Algebra in real life situations.
Forming and solving simple equations involving age counting.

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