Learn by doing, practice makes perfect.

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Obtain instant feedback for children for every question they attempt with advanced competency tracking for each concept area. Boldungu is a learning engine for drilling learners in mathematics with realtime feedback. Customized for every country curriculum
We are capable of learning. Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Grea, Be Great!


Practice improves performance. Repeated practice with differentiated problems leads to competency and enhances transfer. Boldungu is the best option for self-improvement and increases childrens skills to tackle the difficulties and challenges of mathematics. Children and parents decide on the concepts for questions. Questions are automatically generated.


Generate and print out worksheets for offline on paper practice. Give children chance to master writing skills and question answering steps. Capture the asnswers into the system after completion

The best way of learning about anything is by doing Richard Branson

Learn with your child

Decide on the concepts to be tested and covered by each quiz. Generate and quiz cycles for your child and monitor how the child is progressing. Be an integral part of your child learning. Start with boldung for mathematics - the language of science

Simple & easy to use for parents, teachers and students

Powerful features for student learning and monitoring

Unlimited Questions and Answers

learning with fun

Turn your computer and mobile phone into a learning zone

Why Should Boldungu be part of Child's education

  • Unlimited Learning
  • decide on the questions and areas for assesment
  • Access to Unlimited Questions
  • Monitor your students performace
  • digital versions of relevant examples and illustrations
  • Solutions and tips to different areas