Boldungu Offering

Boldungu is a digital platform which enables children, parents and guardians across the world to revise and practice mathematics. The platform uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer algorithms to create age specific quiz cycles grouped by by themes, topics and sub topics. The team at Boldungu believes that mathematics can be made easy for everyone, and better at a younger age. Children are under the parents account which allows parents to closely support their children. Quizes are created by Boldungu Automated Examiner (BAE) and marked by the Boldungu Automated Teacher (BAT) both online and offline when using mobile devices.

Boldungu in Action

  1. Parents or guardians should create an account on the platform and then add children/learners to this account
  2. After your account has been successfully created, you enrol a student, select a country and you will see classes specific to that country.
  3. Select the country where the child is studying to get questions and quiz customized
  4. Tap on the link to create new quiz
  5. Select the quiz areas to for the quiz to be generated
  6. While attempting quizzes, pupils are supposed to pick the right answer for each question
  7. After attempting all question, pupils will be able to view their result which you can also see
  8. We recommend that pupils should genreate as may quizes and practice as much as possible before moving to new topics, themes and subtopics
  9. For questions, contact us at